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Counter Mats are the most effective point of sale advertising available.

Our Custom Printed Counter Mats allow every customer to see your ad message every time they make a purchase. Great for retail stores, restaurants, auto parts stores, and beverage promotions. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to meet any budget. The next time you go somewhere chances are you'll see Point-Of-Purchase Counter Mats. Take advantage of this promotional impact with our Custom Printed Counter Mats and discover your untapped sales opportunities.



Vynex Counter surface counter-mats combine the look and feel of Lexan® with the value of rigid vinyl creating an exceptional counter top surface. The durable textured polymer surface protects your image while allowing it to POP in brilliant colour and detail.


Lenticular / 3D

Lenticular 3D  most spectacular counter mat! Increase the 'WOW' factor of any promotion by literally adding another dimension. Promote multiple messages in the same space, grab attention with changing images or motion, draw viewers into your message with realistic 3-D depth and shape.





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