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POS4 / Vinalith continuously produces large numbers of stickers, for a variety of uses, on a wide range of substrates.


Whether it's for internal or external use, for car, window, security, floor decals, promotional, industrial or virtually any usage; whether its single sided, double sided, under-surface printed, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, mark resist, self-cling or static cling, talk to our expert team about your product specification or for advice on how to achieve the result you require. We will be pleased to send you samples.


POS4 - StickyImages has been at the forefront of sticker production for over twenty years offering publishers, promotional agencies, FMCG companies, craft retailers and other organisations a wide range of low cost, high quality stickers.


Stickers are a fun, cost-effective way of providing magazine readers, customers and other end-users with an added value bonus.

They can be used for promotional purposes, labelling, scrapbooking, education or purely as a fun activity. Depending on purpose and whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor use stickers can be produced using a variety of materials including paper, clear or matt vinyl, clear polypropylene, foil, white or matt gloss and fluorescent.


They can be produced as promotional sticker sheets and inserted into magazines or used as part of a welcome pack to new customers ; car stickers for advertising purposes or as window stickers for highlighting brands or promotions .


Shop-in-shop: In addition to traditional promotional materials, POS4 also develops rich shop-in-shop concepts for your clients or distributors, with wobblers, floor stickers, transparent neon signs, lenticular printing with 3D or moving effects...

In short: everything to give your range that little extra boost.


Window stickers: Electrostatic window stickers  have earned a place in window decoration. These electrostatic stickers are applied easily, continue to stick without glue and do not leave a trace if you replace them with new ones. You can give your interior a completely different look in a trice.  Our removable window stickers can be repositioned many times on your windows, glass doors or mirrors.


Transparent stickers: When transparent stickers are used, the underlying surface remains visible. If you put a transparent sticker on a mirror or on glass, the image appears to be a free-floating image. We also have double-sided transparent stickers. They make your image visible on both sides of a window.


Vinyl stickers: Vinyl stickers are strong self-adhesive stickers for indoor and outdoor use. We print them one-sided or double-sided in full colour. Permanent adhesive or removable. The applications for these vinyl stickers are virtually infinite: sheets of stickers as give-aways with your product, stickers to hand out as part of a promotion.



We Print Stickers/Decals...



Double Sided Stickers: 4 Colour process printed both sides, reverse printed to back. Perfect for Window Point Of Items.


Vinyl Self-Cling: This flexible adhesive free material, available in both clear and white is ideally suited for window stickers, tax-disc holders and POS.  Adheres to ultra smooth surfaces such as glass and, being adhesive free, leaves no residue when removed or repositioned.  It is a heavier duty material than ClingZ and clings by suction to very smooth surfaces rather than electric charge to virtually any surface – theoretically, giving self-cling a more restricted usage but a relatively unlimited cling time.


This adhesive free sticker, UV Litho printed, four colour on white self-cling and trimmed.  This was designed to be used as internal car window sticker.  We have also produced car window stickers on clear self-cling for a variety of national charities

vinyl self cling decals printed by vinalith
doubled sided water proof decals printed by vinalith


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